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Try the first serverless CMS with native GitHub integration.
Update & deliver content, translations, any data.
Always in sync. Highly customizable. Strongly typed.

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Build a modern website with no coding required.

Collaborate seamlessly with devs

Create, translate and update content via intuitive forms & lists. Everything is submitted as a PR. No communication overhead.

Also developers can edit data with their editors directly. They don't have to integrate with another tool.

Very rigid, highly customizable

Rigid but flexible datatypes. React on any change with highly customized actions.

The native GitHub integration allows develops to customize any workflow you can dream up.

Audit - Preserve reliably your history

Never loose content again. Go back to old versions. See how your content has changed over the process.

It comes handy if you want to revert. Maybe previous content was converting better, a feature had bugs, etc.

Save rollback in emergencies

Relying on stored data in indepedent 3rd party systems makes build not reproducible. Rollbacks might fail, builds might break.

All data is stored in your repository. No dependency from Gitlify. More reliable, safe, and transparent.

Be always in sync with source code

Code and content are in one place. Developers do not need to change tools. No cost of context switching.

All data is committed. Type safe. More fous, more features. More productivity, faster growth.

Ship instanly upon changes

Your dev team can react flexible on your changes - update pages, translation packages, legal pages.

Modern CICD pipeline can do almost everything. Ship continuously and amaze your customers.

Resolve conflicts selectively

In the rare case, that several colleagues have worked on the same data, you can always cherry pick what you like best.

Happens very rarely, but can not be avoided in growing organizations. Then it is nice to have a tool.

Less overhead, more compliance

Every third party persisting data creates an overhead and a weak link - reliability, security, compliance issues arise.

Giltify persist data in your repo, not in its own backends. This makes it very easy.

Collaborate on Github.

Gitlify is the easiest way to create and manage your content across teams in one place - save, frictionless, always in sync.

Team talking through designsTeam in front of the computer
Team in a meeting

Prepare repository

Developers add the folder ".gitlify". They define the data structure they need with JSON format. The Giltlify Wizard helps them here.


Invite collaborators

Developers add collaborators to their repo with write rights. Currently Gitlify requires a Github login, but not necessary a paid one within you org.


Create and edit data

Collaborators signin with Github and can start creating, copying and editing. Every editor has its own session, so nobody overwrites content.


Publish their changes

When starting editing, we create a branch in the background. Once the editor hits publish, a PR with all his changes is opened.

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Collaborate without friction.

Gitlify offers your company the ability to easily integrate a CMS into every department in your organization and enable everyone to collaborate on content. It uses Github as data source, but doesn't require any code knowledge from the people who use it—even if they're not developers.

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Gitlify enables frictionless collaboration.

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