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Rule of thumb: If you are an org and can afford it, you will have to pay.

Your repo is free until one of the following applies:

  • in personal accounts
  • which are public
  • in org with no more than five members
  • your organization is non-profit

Also, we do not charge startups with little MRR.

Paid version#


We are very likely to raise prices soon, but promise to keep the pricing for old customers.

The pricing of private repositories with organizations with more than five members is:

  • 5 Euros / per Month (excluding VAT)
  • We charge yearly

Of course, everything comes with proper international VAT invoices.


Discounts are eligible if you have lots of repositories or commit 3 years.


Hire a consultant on an hourly bases

  • 149 Euros / per hour (excluding VAT)

We can customize authorization, authentication. We can onboard and integrate gitlify in your business. We can build similar applications on top of GitHub.