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Gitlify CMS

The Gitlify CMS is a serverless content and data management system. It is built on top of Github and integrates with all its working flow. Regard it as an interface for your editors to push and edit content directly on GitHub without understanding git.

Use cases#

When to use gitlify:

  • Products, Pricing for your eCommerce application
  • Translations, content, structure for your website and web applications
  • Tickets, Docs, ToDos for your project management

You can use it for any sort of data. Rigid validation delivers you always what you expect. Especially useful if you have many repos.

When you should think about going premium#

  • Tables become large - think more than 10.000 columns.
  • Data is large - think image or binary.
  • Data is edited very often - think every second.
  • Data contains sensitive information or user data