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What is git and why you should care

Marc Palm

Marc Palm



There are good reason why Git is useful

  • You have a (safe) history of all changes
  • You can work in parallel and resolve conflicts
  • You can react to changes, apply policies

Why GitHub was acquired by Microsoft#

Every software engineer knows GitHub - a platform built around Git. Microsoft just bought it for a couple of billion dollars. But if you don't work in software, you most likely have never cared.

Github is a very solid brand among techies. It arguably has most of the wellknown open source projects.

In short, software is eating the world. Marc Andreessen

If that quote is through, Microsoft now owns the Marketplace for OpenSource software.

Microsoft has been a good steward so far.

What gitlify tries to achieve#

We try to bring the benefits of software collaboration to a broader audience. Git and its ecosystem are a battle-tested way of working together on large-scale software projects. We strongly believe that other forms of collaboration can benefit highly from that.

  • Audit trails
  • Resolving conflicts
  • Parallelizing work
  • Reacting on changes with continuous integration and delivery